pdf image Mid-Year 2013

Whew! It's Over!

Tax season was brutal this year. Last-minute law changes and late form releases made things difficult. I fear change is in store. Before I forget, I owe you a big THANK YOU! Thanks for having your records in good order. Thanks for being patient at my busiest time.

Especially — Thanks for the trust and confidence you placed in me. I'll keep working to earn this from you.

pdf image Year End 2012

Election, Tax Time, Uncertainty!

I sent this issue out to be printed and folded a couple of days before the elections. By now, we know who was elected. Coming months will show us what our new leaders can accomplish.

pdf image Fall 2012

Too Much Work — Too Little Time

It's true for me. It's true for you. It's true for Congress. Congress has a full plate. The Great Recession drags on. So does the war on terror. Energy, pollution, the mortgage market — you name it.

pdf image Mid-Year 2012

What Now?

Your return's been filed. Don't relax yet. IRS never rests. Neither does Congress. Be ready for what may happen before next year.

pdf image Year End 2011

Tax Time Again!

Too soon? I agree! Nonetheless, it’s time to begin collecting the information for your 2011 return. In this issue I’ll offer you some suggestions on getting your records together. Getting an early start helps in two ways – the work is simpler and you save more money.

Fall 2011

Budget "Deal" Made

As I write this, Congress has just made a "deal" on debt limits and the Federal budget. Since few tax laws are mixed in, I've decided to get this issue to the printer. Congress is still talking about major tax reform, but few expect this until next year. For now, there are several important areas l'd like to cover.

Mid-Year 2011

Whew! It's Over!

Tax season was extra tough this year. Last-minute law changes and turmoil in the economy made things difficult. I fear there's more in store. Before I forget, I owe you a big THANK YOU!

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